Read Reviews From Our Happy Customers!

Wonderful people!!! Needed to get my vehicle home from work when the transmission went out. Called my road side assistance and he was there 25 minutes before the ETA I received.

Shellie Wilson

Wonderful, Wonderful service. I called these guys and in about 15 minutes they had someone to me in the middle of the night. Very kind people. Couldn't have asked for someone to treat me any better. Highly recommend them!

Brittany White

Driving north from Florida I had the misfortune having the right tire on my motorcycle trailer break a steel belt. After calling Rescue Plus, they sent Richard from T&H Towing and Recovery to change the bad tire with my spare. Richard informed me my spare had very bad sidewall creaking and needed replacing also. Richard didn't think it was a good idea getting back on I-75 with no spare and a questionable tire and I didn't think so either. From the time I called Rescue Plus and Richard had me ready to roll, it was only 40 minutes. Richard is a true professional. Thanks for the great services.

Danny Q.

Great guys. Had blow out and truck ran outta fuel, of course my fault. Called another tow company and about had a stroke with their price for fuel. Corbin folks need to call on these guys. Fair and on time.

Izzie S.

Wonderful, honest, hardworking people!!!!!

Pam M.

Great guy!!! Great service

Brian R.

Great Family owned company. Driver was very helpful and courteous. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of being towed.

When I asked about repair shops and places to stay he was very polite and gave me suggestions.

I was able to make the return trip home the next morning.

April H.

Not only did Jason tow my car twice but he also worked on it and fixed it for a fraction of the price of what the Nissan dealership was gonna charge me and he did double the work that they had planned on doing!! Thank you Jason for everything, you're awesome! The Sentra is rolling smoothly now with the new parts!

Alexis Snyder

Jason is awesome, honest and cares for his customers. His rates are lower than anyone elses too. NEVER be disappointed or have bad service with these guys!!

Neika M.

I'm not sure who the gentleman was tonight that helped us, but I felt it necessary to say he was the nicest, most caring person. Kudos to him for doing a job well done! This company was the only one to answer the phone at almost 1 a.m. when we needed a tow! They have earned my future business and respect 100%! Great job, keep up the great work!

Ashley S.

They were wonderful and better rates too! Dave was really friendly and got me home safe and sound! Highly recommend!

Katie B.

I love this company. Fast and took great care of my car. Love the employees. I will never trust my car to another towing company. I highly recommend this service.

Algina S.

You couldn't ask for more professional and friendly people. Have used them twice now and if I ever need another tow I will MOST DEFINITELY call them again!!!! Great People and Great Service at a Great Price!!!!

Christy W.

Great service! Dependable and honest owners! Highly recommend!

Tanya S.